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Estate Planning Basics. A comprehensive estate plan should consider what happens in the event of both death and disability. ..




California courts were just beginning to ease months of pandemic-related closures and then the state’s infection numbers spiked. Here’s a look at how courts across the state are grappling with all the changes associated with the novel coronavirus as of August 10th...Read more
Notable Court Updates

  • LA County Superior Court -

    • The Los Angeles Superior Court Reservation System (CRS) is back online after being closed during the first several weeks of the COVID epidemic. Find out more here.

    • Hearing Date Reservations are Required for Filing Civil Motions at LASC. You may view the official LASC notice here.

    • Effective Monday, August 3, 2020, LACourtConnect (LACC) will be expanded for scheduling Unlawful Detainer and Collections cases, and Civil hearings in five Norwalk departments. For matters on calendar starting August 10 and thereafter. For full details click here and follow the steps on how schedule remote appearances using LACC. 

    • Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile has issued a new general order extending trials as COVID-19 increases in Los Angeles County: 

      • Some Criminal Trials May Start in September

      • Civil Jury Trials Continued until January 2021; Civil Non-Jury Trials May Not Commence Before Nov. 16 Under Terms of New Order

      • Some Unlawful Detainer Non-Jury Trials & Non-Jury Trials in Preference Cases May Begin on or After Oct. 5 in Compliance with Social Distancing Protocols

  • Orange County Superior Court -

    • Effective immediately, please submit Civil or Probate eFiling inquiries for OCSC Operations using this link. This includes requests to cancel transactions and eFiling status update requests. This link is to be used in lieu of calls to the triage line until further notice.  

  • Santa Clara Superior Court -

    • To continue providing services for self-represented litigants safely and responsibly, following temporary COVID-19 protocols and as an alternative to in-person assistance, the Santa Clara Superior Court’s self-help center has introduced Live Chat, which is available by visiting the court’s self-help website (lower right-hand corner).  

    • The Court is unable to maintain the same operating hours in its business offices, beginning August 17, 2020. View the court notice here.

  • Kern County Superior Court -  

    • Effective Monday, August 3, 2020, Kern County Superior Court requires mandatory electronic filing (eFiling) for all Probate case types.

  • San Diego Superior Court -  

    • The court has implemented a temporary return process for filed documents. All filed copies will be mailed back to the client until otherwise notified.

  • Ventura Superior Court -

      • The court has announced various court closures. View the official court notice here.

    • Riverside Superior Court -

      • The court published an action to close multiples Riverside County courthouses and/or reduced hours. View the court notice here.

    • Yolo Superior Court -

      • The court is going live with eFiling on August 17, 2020.

    Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many courts continue to operate with reduced services and or hours. As the situation is ever-changing, please always check the court’s website for the latest information.

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