Qualified Domestic

Relations Order

  • A qualified domestic relations order is an order that needs to be prepared within a divorce when dealing with pension funds or qualified retirement accounts. The QDRO establishes your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s legal right to receive a designated percentage of your qualified plan account balance or benefit payments.

  • For non-qualified retirement accounts, such as an IRA, a QDRO is not necessary. Instead, the written agreement will suffice to transfer the funds.

  • There are special exceptions for qualified retirement accounts when money is being transferred pursuant to a divorce. Be sure to ask your mediator about the options you have available when discussing your retirement accounts.

Who issues a Q.D.R.O.?

  • If you're awarded part of your former spouse's retirement account (either through a property settlement or via a judge), the court will issue a QDRO that may have been drafted by your divorce attorney. The QDRO is then submitted directly to your former spouse's retirement or pension plan administrator.

QDRO Checklist

Please download, fill out and return via email/fax, or in person.  If you need an attorney referral, we can recommend one for you.

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