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This action may be filed by a married person to end a marriage. Along with restoring the parties to single status, the court will issue orders for custody and visitation of the minor children of the marriage, child support, and spousal support, as well as confirm or divide the community and separate property assets and debts.

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We each make choices along our path, let us commit to choosing to make this process as painless as possible.

If the two of you are certain about your division of property and prepared for an amicable divorce, LDA Document Services can assist you in completing the process.   A great portion of the documents may be completed from your home.
Divorce papers are often a barrier for couples who do not have a legal background. 

While there are many steps to the divorce process in California, below is a general idea of what it takes to get started with an Uncontested Divorce:

Conditions and Process:

  1. California family law states that spouses have to meet residency requirements:

    • One of the spouses must live within the state for at least six months prior to filing;

    • One of the spouses has to live within the county where divorce papers are filed for three months.

  2. Fill out and file the forms with the appropriate court:

    • You will need to pay the filing fees (435 -450 per filing party) or

    • Determine if you qualify for a WAIVER

  3. Serving Divorce Papers To Your Spouse

  4. Prepare and Share Financial Disclosures

    • California family law requires mandatory financial disclosures during divorce, legal separation, and nullity cases.

    • Both spouses have to provide information to each other regarding their income, expenditures, and debts.

    • Financial disclosure is required because without it, the court may not provide a final judgment.

This is NOT an exhaustive list.

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