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Do Not Sell
for California Residents Only

Do not share/sell my personal information


Notice of right to opt out of sale or share of personal information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) give California residents the right to direct a business that sells or shares personal information about the consumer to third parties for commercial purposes not to sell and or share the consumer’s personal information. This is referred to as the right to opt-out.

We do not believe that we sell your personal information in any context. Nevertheless, we offer you the ability to opt-out of the share or sale of your personal information for commercial purposes. You can send us an opt-out request, at You can further limit use of your personal information by disabling cookies, which will ensure your information is not used for cross-behavioral advertising.


How to Disable Cookies


You have the ability to disable cookies on our website via our pop-up cookie control, OR through your browser extension (chrome, safari etc.). We use third party cookies and tracking devices on our website for purposes such as analytics and online behavioral advertising. These cookies and tracking devices are operated by third party cookie operators (“Third Party Cookie Operators”) that may not qualify as CCPA “service providers”. We provide you the ability to exercise choice (i.e., turn on and off) with respect to several categories of cookies, including those provided by Third Party Cookie Operators.

You will need to click on each “toggle” within the functionality and move it to the left, then click “save” in order to stop the collection of your personal information by the cookies and trackers. Your choice will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using to visit our websites. It will not apply to a different browser or device. If you visit our webpages using a different browser or device, you will need to exercise your choice for each browser or device.

If you do not wish to opt-out of all cookies, you can manage individual cookie preferences. However, you must opt-out of all cookies, as noted above, in order to prevent a potential “sale” of your personal information under the CCPA. Please be aware that when you turn off all cookies, the way our website functions may change.


How to Opt-out of sharing with affiliates


You may also opt out of any share of your personal information with affiliates who may have provided a custom link to LDA Document Services by emailing the specific nature of your request to:

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